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Katy’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 11 May 2006

Location: Monkey Mia, Australia

MapThis morning's wake-up call was harsh! I didn't think that I was actually going to wake-up! The night before, we had argued (nicely) with Simon about how he knew that we would need an hour to get ready in the morning! And how we needed to leave by 6:30 and rah rah rah. We (all the girls and Tammy and I)believed that we didn't need an hour to get ready and would be able to leave by 6:30 the next morning no problem! Especially is we got up at 6, instead of 5:30! But I guess he has more experience than we do in this area, and was very right about needing that much time to be ready for our departure at 6:30am. It is incredible how slowly you move at that time in the morning! haha.
Anyways... once onto the bus, everyone slept until we got to our first scenic area, the Costal Gorges! They were absolutely amazing, but it was so cold that morning that everyone just took random pictures and ran back onto the warm bus. The water was a clear, dark blue and the cliffs jutting out of the water were all kinds of reds and oranges! Breathtaking if you were warm enough to stay and look! We then drove to Kalberrie National Park and did a little walk to Natures Window, an amazing hold in a huge rock worn away by wind and rain. It is amazing what mother nature is capable of! Anyways, we took some pictures there and then were off to the Z-Bend. Once we had walked around at Z Bend, We had lunch at Billabong Roadhouse, and then were on the road to Eagles Bluff. It was a look out over a huge reef, where Reef Sharks enjoyed hanging out and were very easily spotted! We also saw a pod of dolphins swimming around the reef, and some funky fish! The sharks were so odd to watch, because we were so far away from ua in the water (about 2 km's away), they looked tiny! Once Eagles Bluff was done, we jetted out to Monkey Mia to catch the sunset on the beach. Absolutely beaufitul, amazing colours; and Tammy and I took some pretty cool pictures of us holding the sun.
Once the sun had gone down, it was time to make supper, another BBQ, but this time it was made by Simon, and was amazing! We had chicken and potatoes and salad and carrots, and... so many things were on the table! YUMMY!!! Then, it was time to hit the Goon (VERY cheap and bad tasting wine) for some fun drinking games te get to know eachother. We also had to try out the natural hot-springed hot tub; which was halarious!
Then, it was off to bed, since tomorrow morning's wake-up call was at 6:30am.
Love Katy xxx