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Katy’s Travel Diary

Friday, 12 May 2006

Location: Coral Bay, Australia

MapAt 6:00, Tammy woke me up to go and experience an amazing sunset on the beach! It was spectacular! Not a cloud in the sky and so quite on the water, it was just like glass! Took some amazing pictures and then it was time to go and see the Dolphin feeding down at the other end of the beach. Our group walked down to the area where the dolphins were gathering, and stood around listening to the trainer/bioligist talk about how these dolphins were wild, but still enjoyed people and being fed free food! haha. It was really interesting to see, and so cute to see the dolphins up close! Then, it was feeding time and they randomly pulled people out of the audience to feed them. After that, i went and had a shower, and all of the rest of the group went back for the second feeding, where they all got to feed the dolphins! i was so jealous, but oh well. Once the dolphin feeding was finished, we went to Shell Beach, which was COVERED in little pearly shells. All I could think of when I was there collecting shells was the song that Rowan and Sarah (my little cousins) sing about Pearly Shells along the ocean! It was so funny, because I only knew those 2 phrases, and couldn't remember the rest; but i still sang it when i was on the beach! So funny! Once Shell Beach was finished, we went to Telegraph Station and learnt all about the Stromatolites, which are fossils that show the live cycles of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). Quite interesting. Then, we had lunch and were back on the road to go to Coral Bay. The whole group stayed in the same room, so that was alot of fun; and went out that night to the only pub in Coral Bay. It just happened to be inhabited by a huge biker gang, which made all the girls a little bit nervous, but was fun all the same! We ended up wondering back to the Coral Beach and just talking about our travels with all the other people in the group! A great bonding experience!
Love Katy xxx