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nick’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Mar 2006

Location: florinapolis, Brazil

Maphello to everyone
well what a great few weeks it´s been carneval was awsome they board up all the shops and sort of close the streets then night time comes around and the streets over flow with people this last´s for about a week recovering through the day only to do it all again the next night on the last two nights we had tickits to blockos these are semi tralers with a band on one and a bar in the other and they drive down a circut, they have a hole pile of security people around them holding a rope and if you have a shirt for that blocko you can dance inside the rope.the one on the last night was absolutly packed fat boy slim was playing and you could hardly move it was so much fun though.
we then went to rio de janeiro and after recovering from the 26 hour bus trip we started to do the usual tourist things. the statue of christ was huge and the view was awsome it´s the most amazing seting for a city snugled right into the rocks. we also did a favelor tour. these are sort of like suburbs, run by the drug loards, it said they are the safest place to live though beacuse the drug loards don´t like the police coming in so no one causes any truble or you have to front the drug lords usualy this means a trip to the forest. the one we went to was said to be a farm and the farmer started to sell of his land when people started moving to rio eventualy they ran out of room so the people started to sell there roof´s and so on. no one´s sure but they think there´s about 300 000 people living in this one.
we are now on an island called florinapolis we´ve rented an apartment over looking the beach and are just relaxing for a while