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nick’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Mar 2006

Location: Argentina

Maphola from argentina
when i wrote last i was on an island in brazil called florianopolis what an awesome week that was we surfed just about every day and it was a great change of pace it was very hard to leave.
we then jumped on another bus and headed of to iguazu falls we left at about 6 in the arfternoon and arived at iguazu somewhere about 9 in the morning. from there we organised a tour of the falls some where to leave our bags and a bus trip out of there. most people say you need at least a full day to do the falls but we were on a mission to get to Beaunos Aires and do some partying.
the falls were great though absolutly amazing the size is mind blowing, first we di the boat trip up the river ( they actualy take you right under the falls) then we walked back up to the top and right round the argentinian side of the falls. we then jumped on the little train that takes you back to the park entry then back into town and just managed to catch the bus. Bs As hear we come. As it were it probably would have been better to miss that bus, althow it was the most comfy bus we´ve been on so far, and get the next one you see on the way about 5 hours into the trip, just about to drop of to sleep we side swiped another truck or bus were not to sure but eventualy when the driver regained controle of the bus we pulled over and all hoped out. about 30 centermeters of the windscreen on the bus was smashed and then the whole side of the bus was scratched and all the windows were blown in not good although the bus was in need of major repair there were only a few cuts and bruses. so after they were all fixed up and another bus was sent out were back on our way and only a few hours late. yipee another bus!!!