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nick’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 09 Apr 2006

Location: lapaz, Bolivia

Mapwoa so much time has past. where to start?
BA was fantastic such a friendly city friendly people and a good atmosphere. we got to BA late on friday night and didn´t have any thing booked, we were told about a hostel called the clan unfortunatly it was totaly booked out for friday night so we found a place to stay for fri and then moved in to the clan on sat arvo dumped our bags and started getting ready for our first night out in BA and what a night. Club´s don´t open until 2 or 3 in the morning and go right through till 8 or 9 the next day the clubs are huge with great music and loads of people. during the week we decided to a few touristy thing´s, we went to go to a museum but got lost and ended up at the collage so we wanderd around there for a while. eventualy we found the museum but it was shut, we decided to walk around for a bit and stumbled apon evitas grave this grave yard was amazing the toombs are gigantic some are as big as a mideum sized bedroom with coffins stacked on ither side and dateing back to around 1820. we also went to a suburb called la boca it is well known for a street full of houses made from second grade matereials but they paint them with bright colours so the look pritty they also sell heaps of art and are known for there tango skills. the next thing we knew it was the weekend again and time to party we started on wednesday and went through till sunday by the time it was over i felt like i´d been chewed up and spat out again very glad to see the end of it we did a couple more things round the city including the museum and caught our flight to santiago on friday. we were pritty keen to rest our bodies and go for a surf so we booked a bus straight away to Iquique and went and surfed and chilled out for a while.
another awesome bus trip, we decided to book another nice comfy bus again for the 25 hour trip and again we had dramas not a crash but one of the windows blew out. we stopped for a while and they were going to do the dodgy and put some card board over it and tape it up lucky for us another bus came along going in the same direction so we jumped aboard and we were on our way again. after traveling for hours through the desert we came across Iquique a town on the coast in the middle of no where but it has some realy nice waves. we found an awesome hostel and stayed here for four days just chilling out and surfing allthough freezing it was good to finely get back in the water again. unfortunetly on the third day whilst surfing i managed to dislocate my sholder, not cool.
after Iquique we were off to a little desert town called san pedro
from here we planed to book a tour to see the salt flats and cross into boliviar. the tour was a 3 day trip in land crusers on the first day we crosed the boarder and reached a hight of about 5000 meters above sea level this was a little bit of a struggle considering we´d gone form sea level to so high in only two days.
we saw a number of lakes some wich changed colour and some that were so still tht they gave a mirror reflection of the back ground the pictures don´t do them justice we also crossed 2 masive salt flats one on the second day and the biggest on the third day.
unfortunatly on the third day i caught a bug of some sort and was teribly sick not cool when you have to catch a bus some where and all you want to do is keel over and die. i maneged though with a little help from the boys and we made it to la paz where i spent the next couple of days in bed recovering.