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nick’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 18 Apr 2006

Location: Cusco, Peru

Maplapaz was good i got to recover from being sick, we did a city tour wich was interesting there are some realy welthy people in la pazand some poor ones to, the city is pritty cool to it nestled into a valy with mountains surounding it on the second last day we did the death road bike ride this was an experiance, we started at around 4800 meters the first half was tar and then it turned to dirt for the remader of the ride and just about the hole ride was down hill with only about 45 minuet of up hill wich isn´t much considering the ride was about 94 ks was awesome seeing cars busses and trucks trying to pass each other and then there was us on our pushies. on oneside there was a 200 meter drop with the other side a clif that rises straight up they say that about one car every three months goes over the edge and that 2 weeks befor we did the ride a tourist went over on his bike lucky for us no body went over and we receved our death road surviver t-shirts at the end of the trip. from la paz we went to cusco for a few days to do Machu Picchu.
cusco was a realy cool city the center was made up of realy old style buildings built from big rocks perfictly fited together and mud bricks with two huge old churches in the corners.
from cusco we went to the Machu Picchu ruins this place was absolutly amazing our day started at six where we hoped on a bus for a 45 minuet bus ride to the train then after the train another bus ride up to the ruins. we decided to ditch the tour guide and show our selfves around as we didn´t have much time first we ran up to the sun gates and then through the ruins and then climbed up to wanna pichu nerly breaking me i don´t think i was made for altitude. it was mind blowing to think that people built, farmed and live´d in such an obscure place.