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nick’s Travel Diary

Friday, 12 May 2006

from lima we went to a a little surf town called huanchaco. we spent a couple of days there surfing and hanging out since then not much has changed except the towns and the senery.
from huanchaco we kept going north to chicama and spent a day there this place has one of the world´s longest left waves in the world. from chicama we went to pacasmayo the surf was more sizey and a bit more consistant here there was also a pritty cool hostel there so we stay´d and relaxed there for a week after that it was of to chiclayo and then to lobitos.
lobitos was ok there realy isn´t anything there except the 4 surf breaks wich wern´t exatly fireing we even had to get our water from a well despite all this it was still fun we had a couple of good surfs and read alot. we are now in a town called mancora it is good to be around civalisation again.