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nick’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Location: Peru


we got to mancora a bit tyred after traveling all day so what else was there to do but go out, it was a friday night and we had just met up with a couple of budys that we`d met along the way, they said we know a great place to get some sea food so off we went.
the seafood was absolutly fantastic i had a speceal menu with a dish called cevichy (raw fish in a lemony / vinigery sauce) followd by a sea food marenara wich is onestly the best i´ve ever had so good infact we ate the same dish for four nights in a row.
friday night was great it was good to be out of the desert and going out. we spent most of the night in a little bar called iguana nothing to special but the beer was cold and the music loud.
saterday night started the same with a sea food diner and a few beers at iguanasand then it was off to another bar wich i dont quite rember the name of but it was nice. just as the night was winding up joel met some random guy who said he was having a after party there were a few people going so we said why not and jumped in the back of his ute. to our