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padawan’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Feb 2006

Location: hammersmith, England

MapHey i arrived last night.
and the first thing i did was to send an sms to Megan. my 5.30 her 4.30 am. I even cooked dinner for my coucin Ella who i hadnt seen in like ten years or evn more! We arrived early and i wnt online to check my email messages and there was this chauffeur waiting to take a passenger called james. James didnt show so my friend made a comment suggesting that we would pay for him to atake us to our destination. The guy told us to wait ten minutes and we did just spending time on the net. Still james didnt turn up so myself and an adelaidian and a model from whoknows where all got a private chauffeur and his contact acrd if wew ever need a lift anywhere or just some travel advice. Awsome hey alll for free. I Managed to meet some nice people to drink with in tokyo when i got off the airplane. And when we arrived in london we got a private mercedes and cheuffeur. i had some time cook dinner so myself and ella has spaghetti bolognaise with any leftover vegies and mushrooms inthe house. Also the cheuffeur gave me his card and everyone else inthe car and said he doesnt drive that many people so his job i s boring and he can drive us if he is in the area or just give some advice about all aspects of travel. well i have a head ache, i dont know whether it is from the pillow or the ludischris supperfluoes amount of alcohol i consummed over the journey of my flight and at ells house. It is 4 degrees here not that bad i just acnt wait to go to the snow.
talk soon i have to recover my liver.