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padawan’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 12 Mar 2006

Location: UK

MapWell its been a few days since my last entry and mum isnt pleased.
Well i have ha five job interviews and four job trials since i have arrived all on continual days. Out of these four job interviews i have three job offers. One in a private school for rich kis andntheir suped up mercedes benz. The second was in a large chain in a office building. No one actually works in hat building its just where attorneys see their clients. The job i actuaaly too and start tomorrow is at the oxo tower restaurant. It was the lowest paying of the three and a lower rank thbut the food that they prepare is divine.The view overlooks the dirty water that is london, st pauls catherdral and also the london eye. I am working in a brigade of aboyt 26 chefs and there is more inthe restaurant and prep kitchen also located in the building. I am currently located in bayswater. Seconds away from kensington park. The home of princess dianna. Dont bother going to look at the memorial fountain. The kids playlan t the entrance on the coast is way more fun and exiting.