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padawan’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Apr 2006

Location: UK

MapHello viewers of my life style!
I am on a weeks holiday and may even think about doing some sort of travel. Work is still killing me sofly with his song. killing me softly with his song. It isnt so hard over here anymore cause i dont have time to thinka about it. When i do do some travelling i will cahnge jobs even thought the place i am working n is understaffed.
I want to do travelling for redilulous reasons. i want to go to athens and run nude through the ruins. i want to go to rome and punch someone in the collusium and i want to push over the leaning tower of piza i want to pray in the vaticgan. i want to snowbaord in france.
I want a monday to friday job.
i want my friends to be here.