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padawan’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 May 2006

Location: UK

MapHello my friends and those pretending to be.
well it has been along time since my last message i just wanted you to keep wanting more.
i have been in london for three months now and at the oxo tower for two. i have greatly improved my work ethic and trippled my tollerance for alcohol. i now have a four bed, room to my self as the others aas well as 6 others from the hostel have moved into a flat close by. rumour has it that a freind of a friend is coming tonight and we are to hang out and vistit some sights. Megs birthday is coming up and i am trying to plan a pressie for her but i need suggestions. a couple of weeks ago i met up with joel and his girlfriend christina, people that went to school with my mate owzo. we hang out now and again, so i finally have someone to relate to. Megs freind mels is staying with me for the time beeing but i thinknshe plans to move on sooner rather than later. i will try to see as many sights as i can whilst i am here an i am after request for photos. phone booths, christian slayter atec at my restaurant a couple of weeks ago. he ordered meat balls its wasnt on the menu.
i will try to update this site more regularly.
bye for now.