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padawan’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 Jun 2006

Location: UK

MapHey guys,
i realise it has probably been a while since i left my last update, but here is whats new!
I moved out of the damn hostel finally, i moved around the corner. In all the places in london i moved around the corner. but thats because i lie the area i live in and would recommend it to any one.
I am sharing a three bedroom flat with 7 others. im ina room with an aussie perth bloke. then there is a south african, a swedish an american and litherainian and two french.
i9 am still working in the oxo tower with aparrently use to be an oxo stock cube factory.
i am working hard and finmding it hard to find time to party.
but im doing allright.
i am trying as hard as i can to save here but you need to be in a relationship for that. get the woman to pay the bills and the food and just bank what you earn.
thats not bias is it