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padawan’s Travel Diary

Friday, 18 Aug 2006

Location: london, UK

Mapto whom this may concern.
i found a new place yesterday to my surprise. my room mate told me if we didnt find a place by the weekend we were going to go our seperate ways but i found it i did. its right around the corner from where we are. it is brand new refurbished. i thought it was th best idea i have had in a while but the numbers crunched me hard. the rental agent wants three months rent in advance and a deposit of 6 weeks. it sucks. there are also certain people in my flat share at the moment that i dont and am not too keen on moving away from. but they are also going to look at moving out in the future. work is hard and lond. 56 hour week standard is rerally taking its toll. but nothing is going to stop me from having several nights out. when i am down i miss the lounge in australia. underneath the airconditioner. ohhh airconditioning. we get brand new everything in our new place. heaters lounges. plasma screen. washer dryer dishwasher very rare in london flatshare.
i needto take a holiday and get away for a week or two. i leave here in december to start my travels home. i hope. apparently they dont give holidays in december at work so ill have to quit.
it has been six months to the day since i left aus six months to he day that i arrive home. we will see what happens next.......
da da dah.......