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padawan’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 16 Sep 2006

Location: london, UK

Maphello my people.
well have i a story for you.
last week on the monday to be exact i went to my work staff party with my room mate nick and sam a fellow collegue from the oxo tower which of whom left several days before. so we hired out a club and arrangedd for a tab to be taken at the bar. for 5 quid cover charge you got two drink vouchers champagne and a spirit or larger of your choice. however one of my work collegues endede up giving me all of the drink vouchers he couls scrounge up. all in all i had 4 glasses of champagne two vodka red bull and two largers. i felt fine leaving the club t go home. at around 1.30 am i started my journey home. at around two i called my flatmate to ask what number our flat was as he had left earlier that night. he told me. half an hour later i rang to ask what floor we were on. he told me. ten minutes later i rang to say im on the fllor. he looked out the front door and couldnt see me at all. 7am i got a message on my mobile asking how i was doing as my flatmate had fallen asleep waiting for me. i looked to see where i was and i was in camden, those of you who know london its north. i live in the north east. i live five minutes walk for the club i went out in. the thing was that camden is more north than royal oak. i was going southinto camden, get it. i got home at 9.30 am and slept til 5pm. was kinda sick all day. no more champagne for me. there is more to the story but enough for now. dont drink and walk home.