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padawan’s Travel Diary

Friday, 22 Sep 2006

Location: prague, Czech Republic

Mapwelcome to prague,
thats pretty much all myself and two of my chef buddies toasted to each other with all of the drinks we had.
you have heard of drinking in moderation, well in europe we drink in pints! and when we arrived in the republic at 12 we started our memorble journey of drinking and fine dining. first to the pub. and the finest staropramen you will ever taste. they seem to like the head on their beer. At the very same pub we indulged in some of the local cuisine. Confit whole duck leg and sour croute with potato dumplings. another pint then we are on our way. to the coffee shop called coffee and cigars. guess what they sell. another pub for another pint or two and back to the hotel for a nappy nap. mbut not after finding another pub actually two.
Wake up after a two hour kipp and to central prague (jew) for a fancy restaurant dinner along with wine and a pint. we met a lovely waitress with the glimpse of a tatoo on her back. We asked so she showed it to us. However to our own surprise to show us the best she had to take her shirt off. Poor us.
Then we convinced her to take us out to show us some local clubs. She agreed tpo come out for one drink for five minutes. Fur hours and 8 drinks later she had to go and we started our journey back to the hotel.