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padawan’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Sep 2006

Location: Prague., Czech Republic

MapWell it was another late on for the boys of the world.
we woke at 2pm to watse the day would be a shame. so we showeed and got ready for our Thai massage. we headed out to breakfast across the road from our intended appointment. I cruised the streets whilst my accomplices got their backs scratched. i walked back down towards the glockenspeil and over towards the palace of a thousand towers. i found an interesting sex museum but did not enter then headed back towards the massage parlour for my turn. I have never had so many ones crack in my back at any one time. she walked on my thighs and pulled my hair out. i felt like sh*t afterwards and couldnt understand wheni would feel better. . When i got out i got the chance to try some of the local traditioinal ice cream which cost me about three pence. the consistancy of sorbet but tasted like milky ice. Fot another walk through prague and sitting at a pub in praguesmost expensive street where every three minutes you see go right past you hosr drawn carts and some good conversation with the local waitstaff. Then again on to the pub and my first taste of horse not the worst meat i have evertried and had the consistncy of strganoff not to mention the dumplings. Back to the hotel for a kip. Im starting to sound like a old man. wake up at 8 and catch a taxi to the best restaurant yet. two courses and a bottle of wine for only ten quid. cheap as chips. Then on to the biggest club in central europe. five levels and five different dance clubs. amazing. i met a guy from aus cant remember where but he is travellin for 12 months. however he said that prague wasnt that amazing so he is going to give me some better travelling tips for my journey home. walked home at like 5am.