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padawan’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 03 Dec 2006

Location: Europe, France

Maphello there people of the worlds,
so i guess you are wandering where i am right now and where i have been.
Well ont he 3rd of december i emabarked a magical adventure called the top deck tour. The tp deck tour is like contiki appealing to the younger crowd with exceptions here and there. First was the ferry ride to calais from brixton. Gteieng to know all of the people on the our and good start to the mornig by drinknig the first beer of the day, which some came to rgret during the long bus ride into france.
Then we arrived in paris with a bus guided tour of the renowned city of romance, as if there isnt enoughcities of romance in the world. as most of us were tired people began to all asleep on the bus as the tour continued.
On the second day of the bus tour we found ourselves walking around in small groups that we just made up as we went. We firts saw the louvre, not as impressive as i thought it would be considering how much i love the national gallry in londons trafalgar square. and then on to notre dame aslo not as good as the luch we had just outside this historical monument.
we found ourselves in a nice little bar trying some of the local bordeaux. is nice.
We then met up at the eiffle tower for champas and a spectacular lighting display that topdect promised us of which the eifle tower glissens everyour on the hour for 10 minutes. way to get us dunk before we saw that.
then on to dinner for rogs legs and snails. A certain girl in thegrroup seem to be struggling with shelling her snails so the waiter gave her and example then placed it in her mouth for her. Immediatly she tried this battle of the snails and managed to throw one all over ryan who was sitting right next to her ina white tshirt..