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padawan’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 Dec 2006

Location: lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

MapHello my friends,
we are now in switzerland ad having a blast with incredible views and amazingly cold temperatures. They seem to like their ceese. and breakfast is always spectacular here. ham and cheese crossaints just as good as in france.
we cauht the train o the top of lauterbrunnen to minus 9 degrees temperaues so we decided to go back down half wy to the sun and somewhat warmer temperates for snowball fights and just all round fun in the snow. beer is good here butwe are wining it up tonight with three bottles each i am proud to be australian. who else would be able to stomach that. as good as switzerland is its time for italy.
Italy my favourite place in the world at the moment with florence is our first stop. we were given leather making demonstrations and a guide to buying silver as it is the highest quality and best price in theis paradise of mine. Mrkets line the streets ad the history just falls into your lap. i got introduced to the ninja turtle. donatello, raphael, leoanardo devinchi and michaelangelo,
wit monuments of hercules and david and men with their bits. it was all too much. the best steak i have had in my life was in terrigal but the second best was in florence, labelled appropriaty the florentine staek. marinated in brine and brew some more wine before some kareoke for others i was too busy cutting up the dance floor after alot of long desreved indulgences(beer).
when you gotta go you might as well go to rome.
the best part of rome was walking around in the sunshine not always looking at the past monument like the colleseum which was brilliant, but the newer things rome has the offer like mcdonalds. kidding. ther is too much history to tell so .oh i saw the pope he waved to me.
Vatigan city the only time it rained on our wintter bus tour when we were not on the bus was going into vatigan city. we waited in the rain for an hour to go in and because everyone had umbrellas run off from one umbrelas wuld go under anothers hence me being completely saturated when i went into one of the most religious places in the world.
venice, gondola rides not so romantic when your driver is talking on his mobile phone and yelling athe the person in front of him.
best pasta i had in my life. cant remember the name of it but it was a spicy tomato and bacon kinda. anyways im going bac so ill find out then. nice gals blowing displays and some lace display thing .
austria is next