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Ash’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Feb 2006

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapAfter a flight of 11 hours, where i shared my life story with 2 friendly old ladies on a Saga tour of Vietnam, i landed in Bangkok at 6a.m. I was met by my own personal rep. and questioned on my intentions for the visit, 'you come to meet Thai lady.'

I crashed into my rather plush room and didn't wake again til 3p.m. Fearing missing daylight, i ventured out still totallly jetlagged. This first thing i passed was a barbers, i looked inside & 6 scantily dressed women simutaneously waved at me in a seductive fashion.
After a bit of walking around i popped into a bar, ordered a beer and got 2. A few sips into my beer and i was being stroked by 2 Thai chicks. I looked around and all i could see was white western men & young Thai girls, uh oh spaghettio!!
Being polite, i conversed. The English speaking one of the two was telling me how she had a husband called Trevor in Leicester & kept attempting to order me shots, saying not to worry as Trevor pays her bar tabs! The non-English speaking one was taking a liking to me and her friend translated that she dreams about men like me & i was her Buddha!
I decided it was time for the bullshit, 'my girlfriend is asleep at the hotel.' She replied ' Its ok, she lazy girl, we make love all night.'
I declined & thought, if this was Sweden, it'd be heaven!
I returned to the hotel and passed out for another 12 hours!

Today, feeling a little more awake, i've taken an almost suicidal 3km walk to Siam Square (95 degree heat & 100% humidity). Got there & went in the poshest & biggest shopping centre i've ever seen, they had a Ferrari forecourt on the 5th floor!
Couldn't be arsed to walk back, so took the skytrain which gave a great view of the city.
Had enough already today so just going to grab some lunch & hit the hotel pool.
Strange city but i like it, for a few days anyway! Tara