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Ash’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 19 Feb 2006

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapAfter posting on Friday, i went for dinner with some people i met in a bar. They were a Thai couple who worked for Oxfam UK & a Swiss guy & girl who did something similar in Bangkok.
Spent most the night with them & had a good laugh. The Swiss guy was pictured in the morning papers protesting about the Thai prime minister but suprisingly he didn't preach about saving the whales all night.
They taught me about South East Asia (which i should have done before leaving) in response for teaching them Cockney rhyming slang! The Thais even offered me a room at their place when i return to Bangkok next week and gave me their phone number if i get in any trouble. They do work for Oxfam & were pretty lashed, but i found that very kind of them.

On Saturday, i decided to tour most of Bangkok armed with my new found knowledge. I got a river taxi day pass & visted The Grand Palace, a load of Buddhas & Chinatown, were my pants were a little brown as i was the only white guy around.

At night i went to watch the Liverpool v Man U game & got talking to loads of fellow westerners, most sex tourists! In the end, me & two Havard educated Yanks decided to move on to the infamous Patpong region of Bangkok. For those that don't know, replace 'Pat' with 'ping'....or razor blade or 10ft rope & you get the idea! It was absolutely amazing & left the two yanks speechless, which gave me a nice break from the loud wooing they were doing.

Today, i couldn't be bothered to see any more daft buddha temples doing different things, so i made the 5km trip to the backpacker region of Bangkok (Koah San Road).
It made me realise, i'd been staying in a different world of Bangkok. Far more Westerners, none of which balding old pervs, & the hostels about 10 stars below my current hotel. That's what i've come out to do but it'll be a bit of a shock moving from a remote controlled room to a infested mattress on the floor.

Am off on the 2nd part of my free hol tomorrow, Pattaya. From what i've heard sounds a bit crap. 'Costa Del Sol' of the East & 'Pattpong on sea' are a few descriptions. So the plan is to go & chill by the beach for 5 days enjoy the last of a good bed.

Anyway, got to shoot & watch more Premiership football (more live games here than back home!)
Thanks for all the messages, keep them coming please!