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Ash’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Feb 2006

Location: Ko Samet, Thailand

MapLeft Pattaya on Sunday with relief! Took the 3 hour journey to Bangkok, with several pit stops as the previous night's Chang beer & seafood platter repeated on me spectaculary.
Met Cork & he introduced me to our cozy double room with pink towels for sheets! Cork informs me that the room is actually luxury as it has an arse shower!
As expected, we drank ourselves silly in Bangkok (not a lot else to do) & my last memories were drinking from a 3 litre keg of Chang Beer & talking to a group of Swede girls.
Sometime around noon we were woken from our pit asking if we're staying another night or check out. Without pause, we both decided to check out & get out of Bangkok before we killed ourselves.

Packed up, found a strange Swedish book one of the girls left & challenged ourselves to get the whole book translated (halfway down the first page already).
Went to the travel agents & realised we'd missed nearly every trip out apart from an afternoon trip to Ko Samet. Ko Samet it was. Its a small forest island about 3 hours south of Bangkok.

After a ropey mini bus & boat journey we found a cheap hut & dropped our stuff off & went out. Didn't crawl in again til 4 a.m after a dip in the sea & passed out again. Other than that, just spent all day on the beach cooking & bumping into everyone we'd met the night before. The good thing is, everyone gets bladdered, so there's few embarassments.
Ko Samet is quite a chilled nice little island so we're just gonna hang out here & maybe move to neighbouring island in the next few days.