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Ash’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 07 Mar 2006

Location: Ko Phangan, Thailand

MapSpent another two days on Ko Chang doing the usual. The weather was a bit crap so we just mooched around & got pissed basically.
At 8 a.m on Sunday we left for Bnagkok, which ended up taking a ridiculous 8 hours so we'd missed any transfers onto Ko Phangan but thanks to our favourite travel agent who re-opened her shop for us, we got on a night bus to Ko Phangan. 27 hours (3 pick ups, 2 boats & 3 buses) later we arrived.
One stroll around proved it was all worth it. Its like uni on the beach without the lectures & the clothes!
After a few hours kip we hit the Chang & 'Shoo Bre' (Swedish book we were given in Bangkok) was soon in action on Sweden's 2 tallest girls. So went drank a few lethal rum & coke buckets with them. Needless to say i returned at 6 this morning.
The plan to go to the gym was out the window but i do plan to get my chang belly toned up. We're staying here for a week until after the infamous full moon party & we're living in luxury with our own rooms with hot shower for a fiver a night.

So far, i'm enjoying myself & settling into life as a romany (got my own sarong).
Off for a kip & to hit the Shoo Bre challenge again, only on chapter 3 so far.