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Ash’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Mar 2006

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MapThe full moon party has been & gone on Tuesday 14th. It was as expected & warned, a bit of an anti-climax. The beach was absolutely rammed (about 9000 people on a 1km by 25 metres stretch of beach). It was an experience all the same.
The build up to it was great though. Everyone got pissed every night & we met some top people (photos to follow).
I was still pretty glad to leave though for my liver's sake & we left behind a deserted rubbish tip of an island, which was beautiful beforehand. Hopefully i can regain a bit of a normal sleeping pattern now & not sleeping from sunrise to dinner time.

Left Thailand on the 16th as my 30 day visa was up. The country is superb & i'll be back in a few weeks.
We made an eventful trip to Kuala Lumpur taking 24 hours & 5 transfers. Got here at 6a.m this morning & wandered around all day with a huge shopping list.
All i managed to get was my 5th pair of flip flops (lost 4 in Ko Phangan) & to put my mp3 player in for repair. Annoyingly this could take upto 2 weeks so i'm going to have to make an impromptu return to KL. The city is a lot more built up & more organised than Bangkok but the booze is expensive, which isn't a good omen for Paddy's night.
City life is utter tosh, staying in crappy rooms with only smog as an escape. So we're off to Penang tommorrow night for another overnight journey (save on accomodation). Its an island off the north west coast of Malaysia. I might end up spending a long time there waiting for my mp3 player so i might take a diving course or something more constructive than alcohol abuse!