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Ash’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 22 Mar 2006

Location: Kuching, Borneo, Asia - South East

MapFirstly, i've put a few photos up from Thailand. Located to the right of the site.

Lots to say so i'll do it in chronological order.

Spent Paddy's night in Kuala Lumpur & got pretty pissed blew about a week's budget on ale in a crap Irish pub. The city was full of euro-goons over to watch the Grand Prix so not a brilliant night.

Went shopping on the Saturday & got myself a cheap portable dvd player for the lonely nights! Later on we caught an overnight bus to Penang (5/6 hours north of KL).
Wasn't keen on the place, didn't have a beach & was quite built up & dirty. So we only gave it a day & decided to hit the road again. Cork booked up to Ko Phi-Phi in Thailand to hook up with a Swede he was goosing last time out. I tried booking up to islands on the east coast of Malaysia but no luck so booked a flight to Borneo for a laugh.

This meant an instant return to KL to catch my flight on Tuesday, MORE travelling! That night KL was hit by major thunderstorms so i in my windowless box watching dvds. I did manage to chat to a Yorkshire pit girl for Renault but she was a mess from celebrating the previous day's F1 victory so i let her be, that was about the highlight of that night.
Went to KL airport on Tuesday which put Heathrow to shame. The calmest & friendliest airport i've been to. The guy at passport control stopped me to tell me he'd studied in Leeds so we had a 5 minute chat whilst the que behind increased.

Caught the flight to Borneo* & landed in Kuching (cat city). Luckily there's no cats though, i had nightmare images of the horrid things clambering up the steps as i got off the plane.
There was a big chinese carnival going on when i got here & my cabbie dropped me right in the middle of it & i had about 100 chinese kids staring at me, all saying 'halloo.'
Walked around last night & today. The locals are ridiculously friendly, stopping me for chats & just generally seeing how i am. Living in Rushden for 17 years, this attitude is difficult to adjust to. The Thais are very hospitable but when they get that friendly, they're usually up to sommit. These guys are as genuine as they come.
Just been doing the cultural stuff really. Visited a huge museum today(nee nee), where i learnt about Borneo, oil, ceramics & Islam (unfortuantely not why some of them are crazy in the coconut).

I'm off to Bako Forest tomorrow where i'm spending the night. It's suppose to be superb, inhabited with wild monkeys, monster lizards etc. (

Tonight, i'm meeting up with a local guy called Ammer to arrange staying up in the jungle with a tribe. We're hooking up with 3 Irish guys & hopefully we can set up a trip together. Its much better doing it outside of tour operaters, as this way we're actually going to be living with the tribe in everyway. Its pretty hardcore but it's only for 2 nights, really safe & should be unreal.
I'm also hoping to visit an orang-utan rehabilitation centre. It's my aim to get a photo of me bottle feeding a baby orang-utan. That'll stick it up the puppy walking gym monkeys on the beach!

*Borneo is a large island to the east of Malaysia. Its divided into Malay & Indonesian regions. Needless to say, i'm in the Malay part. Kuching is about where the 'e' of Singapore is on that crappy map on this site.

One of the stories i forgot to put in from Ko Phangan:
It was 7 a.m on full moon night. I'd just got to sleep when a guy stumbles into my room, 'Hi Ba-by.'
I launched out of bed starkers 'What the f--k!'
The guy, now more scared than me 'err, err, i just kiss Austrian girl & she told me to meet in B7.'
I, now covering my modesty with a flowery sarong, tell him this is B7 but i am not Austrian & i haven't got a fandango.
So after much apologising the guy ran off very embarrassed. This was pretty much the way it was in Phangan.

Anyway, apologies for the ramblings. I'll try to update again after my visit to the forest. Tara