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Ash’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Apr 2006

Location: Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

MapWent to pick up my new crap mp3 player on Friday. Arrived at the headquaters & there it was, my original player gleaming all fixed!
I think it had something to do with the fact that i was brown nosing the technician, promising him help with getting Man Utd tickets (his life dream).
Straight away i booked the last ticket to the Thai border. Needless to say i was a very happy chappy & i celebrated by going to "Kenny Rogers Roasters" in KL. I can safely say Ken, that your chicken is not the world's greatest you hairy bear.

So i made the usual day long trip to Ko Phi-Phi.
It's a picturesque island off the west coast of Thailand. It took a bit of shoeing in the Tsunami but most of it has been restored now with a bit of building work still going on. It was the island which was in all the papers with an aerial photgrapgh of it before & totally flattened after, with just beach on either side of the land.
After a few hours of being here, i enrolled on an open water diving course & i started that night! It's been pretty full on since then as its all crammed into 3 days, with tomorrow being my last day.

Me & two dutch girls are being taught by an Israeli instructor & we're doing pretty well. I got use to the breathing straight away but staying bouyant underwater was far harder.
Yesterday we just stayed in shallow waters & did all the emergency procedures etc., there's a lot!

Today was more fun, we went out on the boat to 2 tiny secluded islands off the coast. These were the ones were the movie "The Beach" was set.
We did 2 full dives & after a bit of practice we were crusing underwater which was pretty amazing. There are some crazy things down there & the water is crystal clear. We saw a few turtles, eels & tonnes of different fish. No sharks unfortunately but hopefully some tomorrow.
Tomorrow we're going out on the boat again to do a few more skills & then two more fun dives a little deeper. Then we do an exam at the end of the day & all being good, i should be qualified to go diving. That's if i don't do what i did today. I was a little ropey this morning as Cork met me here yesterday & we went out for a cheeky whiskey bucket.
After 5 minutes of being down in the water, i needed to deflate my jacket slightly to descend but i pressed the inflate button instead until i'd flown to the surface at the rate of knots. If i'd been more deeper, i could have blown my lungs across the ocean!

So now i'm off for an early night to do a bit of study & hopefully be fresh & alert.

After expensive Phi-Phi, probably more full moon action on Phangan, so don't expect too many tales of culture over the next few weeks. I will try & satisfy the numerous male request of more photos of Swedish girls!