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Ash’s Travel Diary

Friday, 14 Apr 2006

Location: Ko Phangan, Thailand

MapSorry for the slackness in posting an entry but i've been up to so little, which has resulted in me becoming a lazy slob too.

The whale diving was a total disaster. I'd had no sleep & then we were hit by storms out at sea. The boat was rocking wildly & i got sea sickness for the first time ever. Chucking underwater was an interesting experience!
Due to the storms, visibility was crap & we only ended up going to 1 of the 3 dive sites planned. Was still good to experience diving at its worst & i'll continue it in other places.

Other than that, just been rocking on the newly titled, Siam Satan (white wine). My Swedish neighbour came up with that.
On Tuesday, me & Dave polished off 6 bottles & i woke up at stupid o'clock with glass lodged in my foot. So like Dr Nick (The Simpsons) i went about removing it with some household scissors. I've still got a bit of limp but i think its out now.

Last night (Thursday) was Full Moon Party time again & i remember little. Too much Thai whiskey at our digs & my last memory was walking to the beach with Siggi, a sound Icelandic kid. Siggi has travelled through Russia, Mongolia, China etc. but, quite randomly, his dream is to go to a Wimpey & eat a 'Bender in a bun.' I've passed on your details Salv, expect Rush Vegas' first ever tourist soon.
The whole town today is full of walking zombies & everyone, including myself, have not long starting crawling out of bed (10p.m).
The week has been fun but not as good as last month. The Thai lass at reception summed it up when she said, "Where are all your friend, you have no friend anymore."
Obviously we did but nowhere near as many as last time.

On my way back to Bangkok tomorrow with little itinerary planned. I've got a few ideas up my sleeve but i won't spoil the suprise. Lets just say, it might not be a country i was planning.

I hope everyone is alright. Please send me an e-mail if you get a spare minute. To me, life back home is interesting & i love to hear what everyone's up to.