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Ash’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Apr 2006

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapLeft Dave in Ko Phangan post full moon as he's heading home on the 18th. I will miss the guy, we've got on really well the 5 or 6 weeks we've been together. I never knew i could spend that long with anyone, as i usually want to strangle most people after a few days.
Our jestful tearful, waving goodbye backfired on me when i got dust in my eye. It started watering & the 2 English girls opposite on the trishaw then thought i was crying for real! 20 hours later
they still didnt believe me.

Am in Bangkok, again! Its like my 2nd home now, i hop on trains, buses etc. without thinking.
Arrived at 6a.m Sunday morning & the city was carnage. This was due to the Thai new year celebrations on the 12th-16th April. This includes mass water fights & the throwing of flour/talc stuff. We had it one day on Ko Phangan but judging by the mess here, i think they really went for it.
Its not a bad city i suppose but 95% of backpackers use it as a base or stop off point. Which is exactly what i'm doing.

As hinted, i'm off to pastures new....Bejing, China.
I've booked my flight for late tomorrow night (18th/19th) & my visa is in process.

Never really a country in my plans but after talking to people & wanting to be a bit more adventurous, i thought i'd go for it. My research is nominal so no plan yet, but i'll probably just hit the major cities as its one huge country.

There is a few worries, none of them speak English & their alphabet is a load of daft pictures & i can't use chopsticks for shit. I've bought a pair & have been practising with the contents of my rubbish bin but looks like i'll look like a P.O.W in a few weeks.

I lost my wallet earlier & after looking around everywhere, i traced a route i'd walked earlier, with little hope. Thai people are very hospitable but when it comes to a few bucks, they're off.
Anyway, got to the guy doing my laundry & he'd found it on the road.
I was happy as Larry & slid him 500 baht (about 7 quid ) & gave him such a big wai* that i nearly headbutted him. He was speechless at my jesture not realising that he'd saved me from a whole world of hassle.

* Wai is a Thai greeting/appreciation where you pray against your face & do a slight (not 90 degree) bow.

Muchos gracias for the e-mails & i'll be in touch again from China. Tara