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Ash’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 20 May 2006

Location: Jiangyou, China

MapAs expected, spent 5 days in Chengdu completely bumming it waiting for my visa extension.

After trekking & being on the road for the 2 weeks beforehand we thought we deserved a bit of rest.

So we bought a load of dvds (including the 2nd series of Lost, which is shite by the way), eat fast food, got pissed & had a laugh with our pidgin Chinese (including using a guidebook chat up line "You look like some cousin of mine" to a baffled old woman in a restaurant).
Living the Chinese dream!

We did manage to throw in a visit to the pandas who are the most laid back bears around. They get up, toke on some bamboo flat on their backs & then go back to sleep again.
Definitely a dream re-incarnation!

We (me & Irish couple) picked up our visas yesterday & headed for an unknown town called Jiangyou.
Trina had read somewhere that some monk does kung-fu up in the trees there so we thought we'd check it out. I was thinking she must look for leprechauns in her spare time too!

Got to Jiangyou & got the usual stare bears, having a curly blonde buffon with blue eyes doesn't really help my cause. I pretend it annoys me but its the closest i'll ever get to being famous.

Then today we went to the park looking for the elusive kung fu guy.
Got there & watched some old bloke do some ritual on a trapeze line across two cliffs, which was average. Then my scepticism stopped when we found the kung-fu man's hang out!
We awaited the show but he never turned up. Apparently, he wasn't doing his act today for some unknown reason. We were a little cheesed to say the least!

Off to a city called Xian tonight, by night train. Should be a good craic as it'll be us 3 & 3 Chinese sharing the carriage. Likely to involve talking about each other in our native languages & the usual language breakdown.

I am way way behind with my photos but am not getting much luck in being able to upload them but i promise to do it soon. When i have, i'll send round an e-mail.

I see the website messages are floundering, sort it out please!