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Ash’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 25 May 2006

Location: Xian, China

MapExcuse the lethargic post but last night was another vodka night & i'm struggling to type.

Last time i spoke, we were off to get an overnight train to Xian. As always, it was eventful!
The Chinese have strange sleeping patterns, they go to bed at 10p.m & get up at sunrise making as much racket as they can. Cos of this, the lights go out at half 9 on the trains.

Me, Neil & Trina had drunk a few bevvies & weren't ready to stop so we went in search of the dining cart. We wouldn't fork out the fee to sit in there so we got some beers & sat in between the carriages, also doing the dangerous hop off, hop on to get more ale when they train stopped at a station.

Before long, we were a little tipsy & the Chinese guards were mythed at us not sleeping & getting tanked. So after playing dumb for a while, we got marched to our beds by the police!
Nothing too serious but hillarious!

In Xian, we've been doing much the same. A few vodka nights, stuffing our faces with meat on sticks & me nearly breaking my leg trying to do the riverdance! I can be a total plank sometimes.

We did go to the "the 8th wonder of the world," The Terracota Warriors.
Basically, over 2000 years, one of the Emperors got 700,000 guys to build his tomb, which included about 10,000 lifesize terrocota warriors.

The amazing thing being, these were discovered only 20 years ago & a fair few of them have been excavated. It was a mad story but not too amazing to look at, i certainly wouldn't call it the 8th wonder!

I am unfortunately parting ways with Neil & Trina tomorrow, the Irish couple i've been travelling with. The jammy feckers are on their way to Africa.

They've helped keep me sane over the last few weeks. China often attracts the serious backpacker who probably got fiddled with as a kid & is now turning to Buddism to escape.
Only messing, backpackers are the best people in the world but its been a great laugh getting pissed, chatting shit & munching on meat on sticks. It's what i was born to do!

I'd actually say the Irish are now my favourite backpacker nationality, well.....along with Swedish girls (of whom i haven't seen any for weeks).

I'm taking yet another flight to a place called Gullin in middle China, where i plan to get a river cruise down to what's suppose to be a quality town, called Yangshao. I'll be out of China by the time the world cup kicks off, cos i don't really fancy watching it here.

I'm slowly catching up with the photos, but got a load more to come.

Hope everyone's fine & dandy & that the weather is warming up.