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Ash’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Jun 2006

Location: Guilin, China

MapLanded in Guilin from Xian & was welcomed by heavy rain & it's rained since. Well until today, now that i'm leaving!

Met an old Swedish friend from Beijing so spent a day in Guilin & then got a cruise down The Li River to a village called Yangshuo.

Me & two others decided to get the Chinese tourist boat as it was much cheaper, luckily there were some girls from Hong Kong onboard who could translate for us.

A few people had described this cruise as their highlight & this stretch of river is the most visted in the world. So maybe i had high expections but i was little disappointed.

The scenery was very dramatic but the boat was a bit crammed & the weather overcast. I think the main reason i couldn't get excited about it was the fact that i've been so spoilt for scenery in China already.

Got with a good bunch in Yangshuo & despite the rain, did a few activities. We hired mountain bikes & rode through the rice paddie fields & through the mountains which was great.

Then the next day we got on our bikes again & went to some caves. We got a boat in & had a guide show us around the caves, which included shooting down a mudslide into a mud bath. Was a good laugh although the others didn't appreciate me dive bombing in!

Other than that, plenty more drinking (truely am an alcho now) & keeping out of the rain.

After a few yesterday, me & 2 lads went for a massage. The other two were underway & i waited head down for my masseuse. She came in, beat the shit out of my back & then when it was time to turn, i saw her.
The other two pissed themselves when they saw my shock at seeing a huge female shrek with her hands allover me.

In fact, i was struggling to carry my ruck sack today thanks to that ogre, my neck still hurts. Am sure i asked for the Therapeutic Massage!

Am currently back in Guilin awaiting a train to Nanning.
It's the nearest city to Vietnam, so i'll have to hang around there awaiting my visa & other formalities.
Apparently it's a bit crap & its going to rain so God knows what i'll be doing.
I was planning to go to an island that's known as the "Hawaii of China" where the last 3 Miss Worlds have been held, but looks doubtful as its typhoon season.