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Ash’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Jul 2006

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

MapAfter Phnom Penn, we went down to the south coast of Cambodia to a place called Kampot.

It's rainy season down there so the place was almost flooded. Our bus was too heavy for the sinking bridge so we had to wait for a car to pick us up.

The rain subsided a little the next day, so 5 of us set off on to Bokor Hill. It's a ghost town 1500 metres high, that was abandoned by the French in the 50's.

After 2 hours of being thrown everywhere in a pick up, we got to the top of the hill & all we could see was....bleeding clouds!
The amazing views in the photos were non-existent, but the clouds did add to the eerriness of the ghost town.

There was a derelict church & a casino on the cliff edge. Apparently, punters use to throw themselves off the edge after losing loads of money.

Next day it was to Sihanoukville. Pretty optimistic as it's a beach resort & it was rainy season. We did manage to get half a day on the beach but it was mainly drinking. There was a group of about 10 of us from various countries, so it was a good craic all the same.

Until the Portugal game that was. I'm rooting for Germany now. Been knocking around with a cool German lass & they are probably the least horrid team left in it.

Hopefully Bin Laden will be flying by for the France Portugal semi & his nuke lands straight in Ronaldo's spotty gobshite face.

Hungover & depressed, we were on the bus back to Phnon Penn on Sunday. Then to make a bad day worse, my wallet was pickpocketed when i got off the bus!

I've always half expected it to happen but still a huge hassle when it does.
When you get off a bus in Cambodia, there's touts, beggars & kids allover you. Combined with a huge backpack, someone could be jerking you off & you wouldn't know.

It's Siem Reap today, the home of Angkor Watt. Angkor is a bunch of temples but apparently an amazing bunch, that 95% of people come to Cambodia for (the other 5% belonging to Glitter's gang).

Hope everyone is slowly getting over England, it's easier when you're away & the media aren't telling you who to blame. As always, it's that fine line of luck that does us in. If anyone should be crucified, it should be that spotty piece of shit.

One positive was Owen Hargreaves, i thought he was immense & i was glad he slammed it right back at his unjust critics.