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Ash’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 13 Jul 2006

Location: Paske, Laos

MapMore photos added to Cambodia & Laos.

Loads to catch up on. It’s not laziness but lack of electricity & internet access.

Last time I wrote, I was in Siem Reap. We were a bit slack & only went to Angkor Wat for a day, which some would say is a sin. I’ve seen enough temples to last a lifetime so one day was more than enough. They were pretty impressive (see photos) but at the end of the day, still a bunch of old rocks.

The other 2 days there were spent getting lashed watching the world cup & getting hounded by begging kids.

From there, Wal & Lee went to Thailand & me & Gary made our way to Laos. We got virtually to the border realizing you couldn’t get a visa on the border so we had to make our way all the way back to the capital. To cut a long story short, we spent about 20 hours traveling to get back to square one!

After another whole day traveling, me & Gary crossed the border with 3 female Spanish doctors, so things were looking up already! Another comical border crossing, when we had to get the Cambodian border officials out of the shower to stamp our passport & of course they wanted a fee.

Just over the border into Laos, there is a place called the “Four Thousand Islands.”
Basically the Mekong River splits the region into 4000 islands & it was one of the most relaxed places on Earth!

We paid 35p each for our hut with a bed & 2 hammocks over looking the river. Needless to say we lived like kings! The people there & in Laos generally are very chilled out. I think that’s partly due to the fact that weed is on tap & you just add the word “happy” to your food/drink order & it comes….happy!

One night we went to the aptly named “Rasta Café” so they turned on the generator to cook us up something & almost celebratory at our custom, they got on the doobie.
When it came to paying our bill, they were all too stoned to add it up so we had to do it for them & take our own change!

Most of the time was spent cycling round the islands, watching the world cup on a generator in pitch black & trying to impress/get injured with the Spanish docs.
They enjoyed my "thff, thfff, thff....Chrissy Waddle" & "Scorchio" impressions. Typical English ingnornace as my plan is to learn Spanish!!

After 3 days, we were worried we were becoming comatosed so we made a move.
We ended up going the Boloven Plateau region of Laos (mountainous lush area). We hopped off the bus at a waterfall called Tablo Falls & stayed at a guesthouse there. It was a very picturesque setting so a yet more relaxing was had that night.

Today we went on a 4 hour trek around the area visiting tribal villages & seeing the landscape. All good but I’ve ranted enough.

Currently waiting to catch an overnight bus up to the capital in North Laos where I’m hoping to meet up with a few people I’ve met in previous countries so it should be fun.

I’ll try & do another update in a few days.