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Ash’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 16 Jul 2006

Location: Vang Vieng, Laos

MapGot to Vientiene & it proved to be a very relaxed city. No traffic, no people, no scamsters. The most laid back capital i've been to but that typifies Laos as a whole.

We went out at night, got beered up & headed to a recommended rock club. Unfortuantlely we'd lost track of time & it was closing but someone told us about a club open late at the top of a hotel.

Got there & it was a bit bizarre, lots of guys in make up & an old Liverpool game on the big screen. So obviously it had to be a gay bar!!

Not to be deterred, i got up & made some shapes that resemebled somewhere between Shakin' Stevens & a chicken.
My memory started to blur but i did get into a ruck with a chickboy who didn't like my witless rejection of "no tits with dicks thanks."

A little hungover & ashamed the next day, i recovered Laos style. Went to a French bakery for 2p.m breakfast, had a massage, a massive curry & another massage, all for a fiver!

Left Vietiene for Vang Vieng today. We booked a trip where we did some kayaking on the river etc. All was going well until clever dick here attempted to summersault a cliff jump.

I landed flat on my face & belly! My contacts came out, my spots on my chops exploding & my belly looks like i've got the stretch marks of a mother of 8!

So the rest of the kayaking was done blind & in agony.

Vang Vieng is set under some nice karst mountains but there's white trash everywhere so it's a bit touristy.

Maybe do a bit of tubing tomorrow & white water rafting the next day if my wounds heal up. Loving Laos so far, am off to Oz in a few weeks & it's the perfect relaxed country to spend my last days in Asia.