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Ash’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 22 Jul 2006

Location: Xam Neua, Laos

MapPhonsavanh & Vieng Xai photos added

Got to Xam Neua & itís a nice wee village set in the mountains.

This morning I set off for Vieng Xai village about 40 mins away.

The village itself was very picturesque with lush green & limestone cliffs in every direction.

The purpose of going was to see the Pathet Lao caves in Vieng Xai where the Lao communists organized their revolution and survived the war. The hundreds of dreary caves are full of spartan meeting rooms, basic hospitals, dim light bulbs and old Soviet oxygen machines. All this & you wouldnít have a clue that they even existed!
Probably what Bin Ladenís doing right now!

Enjoyed my brief time in Xam Neua & Vieng Xai. It was good to be famous again & survive off just rice with pigís dick. Not sure whether it quite warranted a 20 hour round trip but then again, the bus journeys are fun with the beautiful scenery (bit reminiscent of Scotland) & the friendly passengers piling strange fruits down me.