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Ash’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 Aug 2006

Location: Fremantle, Australia

MapI'm writing this from the middle of an 11 hour shift from the middle of a 5 a.m. week so excuse the typing.

Err what have i done...nowt as planned.

Last week spent a whole day in Kings Park which overlooks Perth. Amazing views & i dusted the camera off so i'll uploads a few photos soon.

Weekend at Margaret River never happend so i got drunk in Freo instead.
Friday went out with Mardi and one of her associates, a guy that owns a few pubs in Freo.
Got a bit tipsy & ended up getting free beers in one of his funky pubs.
It's basically a pub in the middle of a derelict school with live music & fish 'n' chips!

Saturday, i went out on my billyo to watch the real football & ended up going out with a few fellow poms to one of Freo's cheesiest clubs. You can guess the rest.

In between work, i've been to an aquarium, an old prison built by English convicts & met up with Gary (paddy i travelled with in Asia) a few times for bevvies.

No more going out for the next few days though as 2 more 11 hour shifts await.

Stay safe