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Ash’s Travel Diary

Friday, 29 Sep 2006

Location: Fremantle (last time!), Australia


This site is alive again & so am i! Wohoo!

I'll backtrack first til i last wrote...

Went out Sat night with Amy (hotter than the sun but taken) & some of her mates. So another girly night, which was a laugh.

Next morning, me & Mardi got a phone call from Wal. We met Wal in Cambodia & he was back from the mines for a few days.
He brought another miner round Mardi's & we all got absolutely trolleyed.
Somehow crawled to a gig later on, which i think was good.

Monday morning, 5 a.m alarm, rough as a duck. Not work but my tour up north!
Grabbed some clothes out the wash & I was on my way.

My tour group were all Japs & Koreans except an English couple & an Aussie family. This was good at first as it meant no communication but by the end of the tour, I got on with them all. A right friendly bunch I tell thee.

Anyhow, my tourÖ.(photos added up until breaking my camera.)


First stop was The Pinnacles Desert via a national park. The Pinnacles are some bizarre limestone pillars coming out of a sand desert. Basically they formed under water & over the millions of years, the water & sand has disappeared leaving this mad desert.

Next main stop was Kalbarri. We got there in time for sunset on this amazing remote cliff. Then got beered up as my hangover had passed.


Early start & off to the stunning Kalbarri National Park. First part was Natureís Window (hole in the rock from years of wind abuse), which is at the top of one of the gorges.
Z-Bend gorge was next were I lost my sunnies off my head doing the 150 metre climb up the cliff.

Kalbarri was out of this world & my hightlight on the trip.

Then we made our way to Monkey Mia. We caught the sunset again at Shell Beach. Shell beach was beautiful & as it says a beach made purely of shells. Unfortunately, my dopiness continued as I dropped my camera in the sea & no more photos were to be taken. Díoh!

That night, I made it a hat-trick of total f--k ups. In the shower I realized Iíd forgot my towel & then rushed my shorts back on & had an accident with my manhood & my flies.
I wonít elaborate other than to say I had a rather sore domal bruise for the next few days.


In the morning we went to Monkey Mia beach to see and feed the wild dolphins. Quite cool. Then went out on a sail boat cruise. Me & Dave (other Pom) were the only brave ones to get dragged in the net behind the boat. I started trying to show off in this net & very nearly flung out in to the shark invested waters!

Went to a few more viewing points & saw some stromatolites. First form of life on Earth but not going to explain any more.

Then made our way to the Northampton. Thankfully not the one with the A45 & Bridge Street brawls. We stayed on a farm there & played some football & got beered up as usual.


In the morning we went to the hilarious Hutt River Province to meet Prince Leonard & Princess Shirley. This guy had an argument with the government & found a loophole in the law to set up his own country within Australia. He has his own national anthem, stamps, church etc. & I got a visa entry stamp for my passport.
All totally legit!

On the way back, stopped at a wildlife refuge where I played around some snakes & fed some injured kangarooís.

Am not a tour person but I had a great time & now have plenty of places to stay in Korea & Japan. Western Australia is stunning & Iím very hungry for more.

So much so Iím off back up north on Tuesday! In true spirograph stylee, Iím catching a 19 hour bus back up north bypassing what Iíve just done.

Iíve had enough of working & Iíve come into a little bit of cash so Iím going to hammer this country & take the long route to Melbourne (up north, across the top, down the middle & to the east). So Iím going to be on the road for a month at the very least so keep an eye out on this site. Itís going to be a bit of an adventure I tell theeÖÖÖ.

Iím going to be very rushed, drinking away my last few days in Freo & modifying my backpack etc. so I might be struggling to reply to e-mails. Iíll still love to read them though but just donít think Iím a rude bugger.