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Ash’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 25 Oct 2006

Location: Kununurra, Australia

MapRight, don’t know how I will sum up the past week but I’ll give it a try…

I've been on a 7 day tour along the Gibb River Road & visiting the Bungle Bungles. Has been rough going (camping, no showers, 45 degree heat & daily hangovers!) but I have had an absolutely amazing time.

The Gibb River Road is a dirt track through a region called The Kimberley. It is described as one of the World’s last frontiers, and rightly so.
The most beautiful scenery, gorges, swimming holes (full of crocs) & it's all untouched.
The Bungle Bungles are a crazy landscape that has eroded into hundreds of dome-shaped, orange-and-black-banded sandstone formations over millions of years.
I took a doorless helicopter flight over the Bungles. It was an amazing sight & a brilliant experience swooping around gorges with no doors!

I won’t blurb anymore about the place, hopefully the photos & video clip will do them a bit of justice.

The tour group was an interesting one. There was one old goat who questioned my upbringing & my country on the first day cos I hadn’t done the dishes! She became comical to everyone though & loved me by the end of the week.
Every night on camp was spent by me, 2 Canadian guys & our driver getting trolleyed on the cool boxes full of booze that we’d bought. None of us had more than 4 hours sleep any night.

A few nights we were joined by others. The best being this German guy called Dirk who is the funniest guy I’ve met & had us in tears with his broken English for most of the week.
He liked to try it on with the blondes in our group.
My favorites being:

“Ist yor boyfriend ein Eskimo…..because you’re so hot you need a cold cock in you”

“What did ze blonde girl say when she woke up under a cow?
‘One of you four guys has to drive me home!’”

Am still with 2 Canadian lads from the tour after our guide left us this morning. Us 4 extended our tour to an 8th day of drinking last night but all passed out with the beds to sleep in.
We’re just cleaning ourselves up & sorting out the usual shit, like this blog.

Next plan is to head to Darwin via Katherine & then who knows.

Hope everyone is keeping safe. I’ll be updating in a few days hopefully.