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Ash’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 31 Oct 2006

Location: Darwin, Australia

MapHowdy hi!

Me, Col & Gideon (2 Canucks) spent one more night in the dump that was Kununurra & we hit the Kununurra Karaoke night!

Was a funny night. An Aussie girl that Col had been getting frisky with on camp came in with the chef from her hotel to seemingly make him jealous.
So we sang "Suck on my Chocolate Salty Balls" by "The Chef" (South Park)!

Thursday, i went to yet another dump, Katherine.
By dump, i mean little pointless towns in the middle of nowhere, full of Aboriginals getting lashed & sniffing petrol allover the parks.
Not slagging Aborignals, cos most of them are alright & they've had a pretty f--ked up history thanks to the white man.

Anyway, i was in Katherine to go & see yet another gorge. This time i hired out a canoe & went through the croc (harmless) infested waters.
I didn't have any dodgy encounters but Jonna who was also caneoing had one snap at her. She did corner the poor fella into a cave though....crazy Swedes!

Have been chilling in Darwin for the last few days. It's a cool party town but i've been trying to lay off the booze so nowt too extreme so far.

Went on a 'Jumping Croc' cruise yesterday. It's a boat trip down the river with a ranger getting these huge crocs to jump for meat that's hanging from the boat. Got a few not bad snaps so will upload soon.
After that, we went to Litchfield National Park. Another bootiful park with loads of waterfalls & swimming holes.
Seen so many recently, i need to let my head take it all in.

No idea what to do next.
I've put my name forward to pick some mangoes, have been offered a lift to the east & also have a provisional deal to buy a Land Cruiser off a yokle. Buying some wheels is my preferred option as getting around Oz is tough otherwise.

Other talking points this week include:

- Getting eaten by bed bugs & been covered in hundreds of red spots. Luckily my sunburn hides a lot of them

- Dying the entire contents of my backpack purple in the wash so all my clothes are now a dirty purple.

Sorry, been babbling. Hope all's well.
Keep on truckin'