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Ash’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 05 Nov 2006

Location: Darwin, Australia

MapYup Iím still in Darwin & itís been a week of nightly partying. Iíve got plenty of stories but I think theyíre best left off this site!

Iíll just say, Iíve had a great time, met some great people & spent a small fortune!
Darwin is famous for being a backpacker sticking point with the daily sessions in the sun.

I needed to base myself somewhere for a while anyhoo. Being on the road can get tiring & your brain needs time to take in what youíve seen & done, or you start to lose enthusiasm for it.

Cyclone season has hit & my liver is continually pressing Ďeject,í so Iíve booked my ticket out.
Am on a 22 hour bus journey to the centre of Oz (Alice Springs) to see that daft red rock that everyone goes on about.

I decided against buying a car for now. I saw the guy who I was going to buy a Land Cruiser off in the pub the other day. The small balding fella was dressed in a Hawaiian shirt & Bermuda shorts, grinding up the backpackers. Not someone Iím going to be doing business with!

Not to sure if i'm going to enjoy the east. Being a backpacker snob, i'm a not a fan of your yobbish Brits abroad type so i'll probably spend the majority of time working over there. Defo looking forward to the Ashes though & have bought more tickets.
The banter is really starting now & i'm going out with a few Aussies tonight where i'll be an honoury Windie.

Off to help a German couple move into their flat (drunken promise). Take care peeps xxxx