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Ash’s Travel Diary

Monday, 13 Nov 2006

Location: Adelaide, Australia

MapIíve been back on duty for the past week so plenty to say, half of which Iíll forget.

Got to Alice Springs & was off on a 3 day tour of Ayers Rock etc. the next day. First it was to Kingís Canyon that was alright, bit of a poor manís Bungle Bungles.

Then to see ĎThe Olgas,í which are the similar to Ayers Rock, just separate rocks in a crazier formation & finally the famous red rock itslef.

Iíve got two opinions on the experience, one positive & the other, my usual cynical self.

The sights are amazing & to actually be there watching the image that youíve grown up with, is always a powerful experience.
For me though, itís no Western Australia. Itís far too touristy & doesnít really feel like the real Ďoutback,í with luxury resorts, champagne drinking yanks & all the amenities you could want.

I committed the ultimate sin of climbing the rock. The Aboriginal owners are dead against it & normally I respect cultures, but for that day I didnít & I fancied a challenge. The views were amazing & watching the endless line of Japanese ants struggle up it, was amusing.

Was a great 3 days & I enjoyed sleeping under the stars. Iíve become a big lover of roughing it.

After the tour, we went out for a dinner & a few bevvies. As per usual, it ended in a night out. We went to a bizarre hill-billy rodeo pub (saloon doors etc.), with a strange mix of rough locals & tourists. Was a good nightÖ.until my lift to Adelaide turned up at 6 a.m.

On the way to Adelaide, we stopped at a town called Coober Pedy (Aboriginal for Ďwhite man in a holeí). Itís the opal mining capital of the world & as the aboriginal term suggests, everyone lives underground cos itís often over 50 degrees.
An interesting place to spend a day & was funny going underground into all the buildings.

Hit Adelaide last night & as yet, have not sorted out my next plan.
Might work, might buy a car but without a kick up the arse, neither will happen soon.

Adelaide was built by law abiding Londoners looking for an escape, so it's got a very English vibe. The temperatures a bit more English too, which is refreshing after the 45 degree heat of the last few weeks.

Am off to spend the day with an Aussie lass up in the hills. She's kindly letting me use her pool for the day & hopefully feeding me too! Hospitable bastards so they are.

Keep on truckin'