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Ash’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Nov 2006

Location: Adelaide, Australia

MapWithout doubt, one of the most unproductive weeks so far. Thanks to a combination of cricket, ale & a bad ankle, i've barely seen sunlight.

The least said about the cricket the better. Diabolical stuff & after weeks of excitement, i'm a little down about it. This isn't helped by the relentless 'Pommy bashing' from the gobshite Aussies.

I've overdone the drinking for the last week. Not helped by the fact that i'm mates with an Irishman, who i left trying to get into Vicky Pollard's knickers at 6 this morning. He's finally in bed after drinking solidly since Saturday.

There's quite a few funny stories but i'll focus on one i remember.
Most of the hostel went out on Friday night to this club that served 40p beers for an hour. After the hour everyone was trolleyed & i was hopping around the dance floor like a demented kangaroo.
Anyway, an English lad called Jimmy, on his first night in the hostel, was a little worse for wear too. During the night he just got up & started pissing next to his bed, allover these German girl's clothes. Then after a few screams, he moved to the window & carrying on slashing up the wall before falling into a different bed.
Poor guy was thrown out in the morning as the German girls were understandably a little cheesed.

I'm able to walk on my ankle now although it's brusied from my toes to half way up my leg.

Me & 2 Swedes (unfortunately male) are planning to drive my wagon to Melbourne tomorrow. I'll be driving via 'The Great Ocean Road,' which is apparently a superb drive. I've done jackshit planning so hopefully the crazy Swedes know more than me or it could be a funny trip.

Anyway, that's enough from me. Am looking forward to laying off the booze & having a good road trip.