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Ash’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Dec 2006

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapHad a good laugh in Adelaide, staying at a quality hostel with some top people who hopefully i'll meet again soon.

Left there on Wednesday morning.
A random German guy joined the 2 Swedes in my car to take the coastal route to Melbourne. Didn't get off to the best of starts with my fuel gauge & speedometer not working.

Did quite a big drive to a place called Mount Gambier, stopping at a few nice national parks & beaches along the way.
In Mount Gambier, we slept in a quirky renovated jail. Had all the original cell doors & prison yards etc. Explored a few lakes & caves in the morning & left along the coast to Port Campbell.
Port Campbell is the home of some interesting limestone rocks in the stunning ocean, including the famous ' Twelve Apostles.' They're 12 tall single standing limestone rocks in the ocean.

Day 3, we drove on the cliff edge alongside the gorgeous sea towards Melbourne.
Was tiring work driving my wayward tank for 3 days along bending roads with a knackered ankle.
Didn't help hitting Melbourne in rush hour with it's barmy roads. e.g. 'The Hook Turn' – You pull over to the left to make a right turn & wait until the lights have gone green in the road that you're turning in to.

Passengers were a bit annoying too. 2 Swedes were vein as hell, using my rear view mirror to make themselves look pretty for the 10,000 photos they wanted to take of each other & the German was just a bit...err...too serious. Saved me petrol $ so mushent grumble.

Early days but quite like the Melbourne vibe. It's multicultural & laid back for a big city (3.2 million).
Spent today looking around & watching another ropey English cricket performance. Stupidly decided to watch it in a Working Men's club wearing a pink top. Just being a 'pom' would have been ammo enough.

Gonna explore here for a few more days & then head to Sydney to meet Armo & piss up the east coast.