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Ash’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Dec 2006

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

MapIt's been a while & i've been busy so i'll try not to make it sound like a list of chronological ramblings...

Saw off Col the Canadian in style last week. We got turfed out of naughty nurses night & ended up in an Irish bar.
Another Irish bar Thursday night, there are millions of them in Sydney!

Went to pick up Armo on Friday night & i introduced him to my life. Poor lad flies for 25 hours, i introduce him to a random Israeli girl who came for the ride & then to the pouring rain of Sydney.
Then it was straight out into the whore infested Kings Cross until the early hours.

Saturday, we went for a wonder around the pretty habour before festering in the Botanical Gardens.
Later that night, we went to meet Gary (Irish lad i travelled around Asia with) in yet another Irish bar. Was a really good atmosphere with all the Padies dancing on the tables to re-runs of Patty Bonner's Italia '90 save & a few anti-English songs, when we kept our heads down.

Left the hole of Kings Cross & went to crash at Gary's house in Sydney for a few nights. We were joined by a load more Irish & had a bbq. I am pretty much an Irishman these days & i despise all those plastic paddy tits too!

Left for the drive up the coast yesterday. I was feeling a little spontaneous on the way up & booked us on a skydive for my birthday, today. Thing is, i booked it in Byron Bay which is a about 850km from Sydney.
Bar the stormy weather, it was going alright until Hilda started vibrating like a rampant rabbit & bellowing smoke. Pulled into a driveway & both being clueless we couldn't work it out. Anyway, a friendly local came over & screamed at our bulging tyre.
Managed to sweet talk a guy into fitting us a new one & we were off again wondering how we hadn't spotted it earlier.

Hit Byron late last night & went on our skydive early this morning. We both went the whole hog & did it from 14,000ft (highest allowed). I have to say it was one of the most amazing things i've ever done & i wasn't nervous one bit. Freefalling for 60 seconds is surreal & then crusing over the beach & the town felt like the most natural thing you'll ever do.
Both of us think we could be addicted now.

Off out to celebrate me turning 18 tonight. Not sure what's planned but we've arranged to meet up with 3 European girls at some cheesey hole, so it'll no doubt be messy.

Hope ye all looking forward to chrimbo. Really doesn't feel like it over here in the middle of summer & the Aussies aren't as big on it as us.