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Ash’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Dec 2006

Location: Surfers Paradise, Australia

MapCelebrated my birthday in Byron Bay & ended up in a place called "Cheeky Monkeys" where we ended up dancing on the tables & subsequently, both fell off.

After another day, we left for Brisbane (Bris-Vegas to the locals). More car trouble on the way when another tyre exploded on the highway!
Did the usual trick in Brisbane, got drunk, wondered aimlessly & left. Seemed like a cool city what I did see.

Made our way to Hervey Bay after that to do a self-drive tour of Fraser Island.
It's the largest sand Island in the world & we got put in a group of 11, given a 4WD & sent on our way for 3 days. Me & Armo were 2 of the 4 drivers & driving around the island was interesting to say the least. All the inland roads were narrow & bumpy & driving on the beach was a bit slidey in an 11 man 3 tonne piece of shit!
My dodgy driving resulted in us getting bogged on a slope at a 45 degree angle. Luckily some drunken loons passed by & helped us get out pretty much risking their lives. Due to that, we got on the beach late at high tide & nearly got swept away.
Due to the incoming tide, we had to set up camp at the top of the beach, next to a bog in high winds. The 7 girls weren't too impressed!

Things went a bit smoother the 2nd day & we only got bogged on the beach once & managed to see a fair bit of the island. It's a beautiful island with deserted coastline & tranquil lakes to swim in. Was a pretty young & clueless group so us 2 pretty much did all the dogwork; driving, loading, unloading, cooking & washing up!! Worst thing is we didn't find out until the last day that the 4 Swedish girls on board all had fellas back home. Wounder!!

Tried going out with the Swedes last night but Hervey Bay is possibly the worst place on Earth.
We started the massive hike back to Sydney for Christmas today. We're in a place called 'Surfers Paradise,' which is pretty tosh. Very manbuilt & plastic, bit of an Aussie Great Yarmouth.

I suppose i should say 'Merry Christmas' although it doesn't feel like it one single bit here. I hope the 'fog' isn't ruining it for the people back home. I know what it's like, only today i got delayed for 10 mintues after an accident on the motorway.