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Ash’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 31 Jan 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapAfter bypassing thousands of ‘must do yoga, like Shiatsus & drink green tea through your nose’ ads, step one of the real life is complete & I’ve found a place. I’d actually started to enjoy looking.
Last night, I went round to a house for a bbq with a load of other potential room mates. An hour into the rather strange evening, I got a call from a previous place saying I’d got their room. So I went back into the house, withdrew my competition & stayed to the end pissed up.
Got on with the housemates great but some of the room lookers were loons. One girl got so pissed she started slurring ‘why don’t you pick me?’, & shouting at the competition. I stupidly decided to share a cab with her & another. The pissed one dropped a bottle of wine, abused the cabbie & passed out. I managed to find her address & paid the driver to take her home. I just hope he did!

Anyway, my new place is in North Melbourne & only a 10 minute walk to the city. It’s fully kitted out with a TV the size of the wall, Sky & internet etc. I’ll be living with 2 girls & a guy who are all local. I had a good vibe about the place & beat off a few other interviewees so hopefully we’ll get on.

Last Friday was Australia Day & it went off. All the city’s parks were full of free activities & the fireworks display at night over the city was impressive. I only wish we celebrated St George’s Day half as much.
I met up with yet another bloody Rushdener, Andy Kirk. I randomly bumped into him in Brisbane but we were both busy so it’s been cool to catch up. We went into a pub with some Melbourne football fans I know to watch their semi final. Was a good atmosphere & I’m off to the 2nd leg next week for a 50,000 sell out!

Off to my new place tonight to sort a few things, I can’t actually move in until the 8th anyway. Then tomorrow, I’m probably off with Andy & 2 girls to Torquay. It’s got a nice beach & is the home of Rip Curl, Quicksilver etc. I’ve been before but I’ll never shirk at a day out.

Now to the dreaded jobhunt. That’s when I actually finish my CV! xx