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Ash’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Feb 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapJust a quick update to say I've finally got myself a job. I'll be working for AXA, that insurance company. Can't really elaborate on what I'll be doing as i have little idea myself. The job spec. was a bit confusing & the woman (my manager) who interviewed me was was pretty vague. All i got was something to do with investigating missing monies & allocating them correctly. Probably a tad repetitive but something different all the same.

One last day off tomorrow & it's back to living for the weekend. I must have worked about 40 days in the last 400 so I'll be suffering from the usual morning sickness & collapsing in the shower.
Is much needed though as I've become very brain dead. I can hear myself talking to other people & I sound like a right boring dumb arse.

Not been up to much otherwise. Went out with my housemate at the weekend. My ploy to lure one of her mates into marriage & thus Australian citizenship failed. Partly to due to them being taken & the brain deadness mentioned earlier.
Been staying up through the night watching plenty of English football. Dunno if it's a lack of recent exposure but I've been really enjoying it. Far less diving & cheating than i remember!

Anyway, I'll update again soon on how I'm hating working life & i want to get back on the road.

A few photos added. Nothing exciting.