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Ash’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Mar 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapWent to watch Kaiser Chiefs on Friday night. Wasn't very hopeful as i wouldn't decorate The Cheers Bar with their first album, 'Employment'. They started off badly & i was thinking how I could not sound like grumpy old goat on here. Fortunately, they got better & i got drunker & I got into it.
I met up with the Jocks who'd been drinking from the end of their shift so i had a bit of catching up to do. As per usual, i caught up & quite possibly, overtook.

We went to an experimental British Indie night in Richmond afterwards. Was a really good night & i got chatting to a fair few as i was back in my social comfort zone of Brits & Paddies.

Anyway, a diary entry wouldn't be the same without a bit of self-mockery....
I woke up in Richmond in the morning & bailed out of the door 2 halves cut. Totally dis-orientated, i found a motorway & thought that'd lead me back into the city, so i started walking on it. Not long into the walk a good samaritan pulled over & i hopped in. He asked where i lived & i told him, North Melbourne. He looked at me a bit bemused & suggested i look behind me. There it was...the fading skyline of the city! I'd been walking completely the wrong way!
I did eventually make it back by various means of transport & duly slipped into a coma for the rest of the day.
Woke up much later & had to rush out as i had a ticket to watch the diving in the World Championships.
Met up with the same guys & they all had shades on so i felt more at ease knowing i wasn't the only moron the previous night.

As for the diving, interesting at first & then the novelty wore off as i realised there were going to be few belly flops & the judges just marked it on how much they splashed. The Brits were leading for a while until the smack ridden Chinese dwarfs took over & walked away with it.

Got up to watch Israel Vs England for some unknown reason & i as i have no one to rant to, here it is.

I was in the minority of backing Sven purely as i get fed up with moaning tossers. Read this great p*sstake if you don't know what i mean...

Anyway, McClaren i want coaching Pakistan. He thinks he's got balls dropping Beckham, who I've seen no end of times put in the killer cross to win dross away games like that. Yet, he continues to play that pug face Lampard & not put the far better Gerrard in his natural role. No doubt, his 'ballsy' response will be to drop Johnson & play that gangster rapper from Spurs. And if he does, i will join the In-gur-land clan & burn a effigy of McClown from my balcony. I do rate Defoe & am purely making a example of McClaren's idea of balls before i get drowned in skull caps.

Planning a quiet week, although i am off out for a 'Back to Britain' leaving do tomorrow night. We've got a Asian Karaoke room booked too so God knows how I'm gonna stay sober & sing!