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Ash’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Apr 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapNo weekend shenanigans to report this week, as i had a quiet one. Went out for Julie's (Scottish lass) back to UK leaving night last Wednesday. A surprise Karaoke night in a Japanese booth had been booked. I forgot about the surprise element & duly put my foot in it! Was a good laugh & it brought back memories of Asia. Also, re-affirmed the fact that I'll never front my own rock band. I was absolutely awful & some of the others weren't too bad. The sad gits must have been practising with their hairbrushes!

Being a late night, i didn't bother wasting more sleep to watch the Andorra game. Glad i didn't as I'd have probably set fire to my passport. Those In-gur-land retards make me ashamed & they make us a laughing stock around the world. Contrast this to the English cricket fans who are some of the best supporters I've ever come across. They spent far more money than those San Miguel fuelled whoppers & they backed the team from 1st ball to last without cause to. Anyway enough about that, this is turning into on of those annoying opinionated journalist blogs.

I've agreed to stay on at AXA until July. I still hate it but I'm not the kind of person to walk away mid project & i don't think I'd get a much better accounting role with my current visa situation. My boss pushed me towards sponsorship too but I pretty much said no. I've got my heart set on doing some more travelling & am not ready to make any life commitments just yet. Circumstances could always change but in effect, that's me saying I'll be back in ol' blighty sometime (maybe 2008). I actually can't remember what the UK's like so I'd like to return before deciding where my future lies.

In preparation for a trip to South America, I'm starting Spanish lessons this week. I've got real desire to speak a second language & if i go to Latin America, I'd hope to get reasonably fluent. A stumbling block could be my confidence to practise it in real life situations though. The 8 week course is only 50 quid so not sure how it'll be but still good to get out the house & do something productive.

We've also got a long weekend ahead to celebrate the resurrection of Mohammed. Nothing concrete planned but I'm sure a few of the usual p*ss ups will happen. I could do with saving some $ too as the cold-ish weather is looming & i only own one long sleeved top. Added to that, my Bangkok shoes were infact painted cardboard & not luxury leather! I'm now remembering how much this presentable appearance lark costs.

Enough gibber. Have a good Easter xxx