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Ash’s Travel Diary

Monday, 09 Apr 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapRight, got a bit to say but not quite sure how to say it. I’ll start with the weekend….

Me (fake Scot), 9 real Scots & a token Aussie went to stay in a country retreat for the weekend. See link to save me describing it…

We had the whole place to ourselves & the weather was great so we had a top time. Saturday was spent watching some nearby horse racing. I didn’t win a single dollar but the sun was out & we had plenty of booze so wasn’t too upset!
Luckily for my wallet the racing finished so we headed back, stopping to clear out a bottle shop on the way.
In true Aussie fashion, we got the barbie fired up, watched the sunset &, in true Scottish fashion, got a wee bit tipsy. With a 7 acre backyard to play on, some of us had a kick around. Firstly I got an Aussie football (aka a daft egg) land on my cheekbone & then I spooned a real football into the reservoir/swamp. Using my mobile phone light to retrieve it, I missed a step & ended up waist deep in mud! I had to spend the next half hour hosing myself down!
A few comical games of charades later & there were comatosed Scots allover the shop. I ended up locking one poor guy (Jonathan) out off his deluxe room so he could spend an $80 night on the couch! Muwhahaha

Sunday, after bacon & eggs on the bbq, we drove down to the coast. The World Surfing Championships were on at Torquay, or should I say were supposed to be. There was no swell so it was off for the day. We just spent the afternoon in what’s gotta be, one of world’s best beer gardens, over looking the bootiful ocean. And wait for it, guess what we did….watched the sunset!! Bring on the stick but I challenge any of you to come to Oz and not enjoy the sunsets!

I started Spanish class last week. As always, I was naïve enough to think you just paid your dollar & turned up for 8 weeks. I even managed to spell my name wrong despite being the same alphabet so it’s gonna be a looong 8 weeks.

Many hours of staring at a computer screen finally took their toll the other day. One morning I awoke looking like something out of Ren & Stimpy. My right eye had pretty much imploded. I’m having to put steroids & anti-biotics in it & am out of contact lenses for 6 weeks! A total wounder as my eyes are my only weapon. In fact, if it wasn’t for them, I think I’d still be a virgin!

About time I shut up. Hope you all had a good Easter; I hear the weather was good in the UK too. Won’t be long before you guys are ahead in the temperature!